Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljaca lies hidden in the greenery of one of the most beautiful and the largest parks in Serbia, on the right bank of the lower course of the river  Drina, at the foot of the mountain Gucevo (779 m), 6 km from Loznica, 80 km from Valjevo and 144 km from Belgrade.
There are many legends about the foundation of  Banja Koviljaca, but evidences show that its mineral water were known from ancient times  to the people who lived in these areas,
Archaeological findings  indicate  the presence of the Romans in this region -in the settlement of  Genesis, and the remains of city fortifications in the vicinity say that the sulfur waters from the lake , which was formed between   Gucevo and Drina, were used in the Middle Ages.
The initial date that represents the beginning of organized development of BK is actually 1st  August 1898, when King Alexander I Obrenovic, by a decree , gave the land  to the  ' people of the county Podrinje'.
Further development of Koviljaca as a natural spa, is associated with the King Peter I Karadjordjevic, who was also one of its patients. In 1904,  he decided to  build a modern European spa, taking the advantage of a favourable postion of Banja, which was back at those times, situated right on the Austro-Hungarian border. Those were the years of intensive construction  of Banja Koviljaca: The Administration building was errected, the hotel Podrinje as well, the railway Sabac-Kovijlaca and a new spa park with paths and flower beds was started.
The unique architectural style of Kursalon  has attracted numerous visitors with its own beauty since 1934. After that, other hotels followed: Jadar, Belgrade and Serbia- the biggest children's  clinic in former Yugoslavia.

After nearly a century and a half of existence, Banja Koviljaca is today one of the most important and the most visited spa centers in Serbia.
Large green park covers an area of 40 sq. The trees of  hornbeam, cerris, beech, surround the park, clear and refresh the air. (In the middle of the park is a rondo, with a fountain from which eight wide tracks spread in the shape of a star). Old building villas, hotels and Kursalon frame the park,  bearing the air of  past time centuries, with the  beauty which radiates  with refinement. The park contains 80 different species of trees and bushes and 51 species of different plants and flowers, which make Banja a real jewel

Koviljaca Spa is one of the most beautiful spas of the Balkans, and is situated in western Serbia, in the shade of wooded mountain Gucevo and the river Drina ,  one of the longest and richest water rivers of the Balkans.

The history of Banja Koviljaca is very rich and it dates from the period of the Illyrians, ancient Romans and Turks. During the 20s and 30s of the 20th century,  spa also became a fashionable and popular place. In that period luxurious hotels and villas were built, with a beautiful park which  connects all the Spa facilities in one complex.

Beautiful   walking trails  make a special atmosphere for recreation. Having once experienced the charms of Banja, every visitor is lost for words and sure to come again.