Drina Regatta race bears a symbollic name "In the Rhytm of the Drina and Dance", and it has been traditionally organized for five years already by the City Council of Loznica in cooperation with the neighboring municipalities of Mali Zvornik and Zvornik in the Republic of Srpska. The event emphasizes and promotes not only the importance of friendship connections, health and competitive spirit, but also the significance of good cooperation between municipalities . The so-called ‘Jolly ride’ down the river with the length of 18 km, starts in Mali Zvornik, at 10 am, in front of the hotel "Lake" and lasts for more than 3 hours ending at “Žićina plaža” beach in Banja Koviljaca- where follows the ceremony for the best crew.

The number of participants is continuously growing so this economic and tourist event brings together approximately of over 1000 participants and about 200 boats. A music program is provided for regatta participants so the music and songs maintain a good atmosphere and joy all the way to the finish line. The same rhythm continues on the beach with the sounds of local bands.

While boats are rushing towards the goal , numerous recreational activities are organized: fishing competitions, mini football goals, rope pulling, three-pointer, cycling and volleyball in the sand. And while young rockers amuse the crowd on the beach, for all gourmets and lovers of homemade food baked beans is prepared, and later it is divided into about a thousand servings for race participants and visitors.

Another event that draws attention is a beauty contest named "The Nymph from Drina".


Auto - Moto Club Ekstrem015 has existed in Loznica since 2005. Currently it has 20 members from the territory of the city, and has 14 offroad vehicles. Club organizes two annual jeep events: the first one, organized in the second week of May, is international and it is has competitive character, while the second is in mid-December, with the aim to gather the members from the surroundings.

"Ekstrem015" supports all recreational organizations and clubs from the territory of Loznica : paragliding club, mountaineering club, motorcycle club, and many others. The club has excellent cooperation with teams from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


"Somovijada" is a traditional sports fishing and tourist event held every year during the last weekend in July, on the lake in Zvornik. It is the greatest event of its kind in the country, and with participation of an increasing number of competitors from abroad it has assumed an international character. "Somovijada" was founded in 1998, as an attempt by local fishermen to catch the biggest catfish.

All participants of "Somovijada" have the right to freely catch, without the permission of the users of the area, any kind of fish, seven days before and seven days after the event. The aim of this unrestricted fishing is better exploring of the lake and longer stay of the participants and all other guests.

Participants and guests can provide accommodation in person or through the organizers, the hotels in Mali Zvornik and Banja Koviljaca. Since 2007. as a part of the regular happenings at "Somovijada , competition in making fish soup is organized.

Besides fishing, you can swim, paddle or ski on the water and enjoy the ride scooters or motor boats.


Paragliding Club Kobra was founded in August 2008. The club participates in all competitions at home and abroad and is engaged in the tourist flying by tandem paraglider. The club organized two events in precision paraglading (target landing) in 2008 and 2009. For tandem flights and training courses we use the mountain Gucevo. The start is at the top of the mountain at 779m above sea level. Altitude is 620m to the finish line, the corresponding wind from the direction of E, NE, N, NW i W.

In each of us there is a latent desire for flying, and we are able to make your desires come true. You will fly in tandem (double) with an experienced pilot.

For a tandem flight you do not need any preparation or previous flying experience. Preferably put on deep shoes to protect the joints and long pants.

Pay special attention to weather conditions not only for your safety but also for the enjoyment of flying. In tandem flight lasts about 20-30minutes, depending on weather conditions. If you are more interested in flying you need to arrange the details and reserve the date in advance. We will permanently save your flight tandem for you, and you will receive a diploma for successful paragliding flight, postcards with you, t-shirt and a CD with your flight.