he monastery Tronosa is located 17 kilometres from Loznica. According to a legend, the construction of the monastery is ascribed to king Dragutin. His wife finished it in 1317.

The monastery Tronosa is connected with one of the most beautiful national customs: collective collecting and contributing of wax or money to the monastery for MaunThursday, for making wax candles which are called agricultural or ploughman’s candles. Only the candles used to be a lot smaller, they hardly weighed a few kilograms, while today’s weight is about 50 kilogrames and they are over 2 metres high.


The Cokesina monastery with the church dedicated to Birth of Holy Mother is located at the foot of Cer Mountain, 25 kilometres far from Loznica.


Do Petkovica Monastery is located on the hillside of the mountain of Plesevica, on the south edge of Macva and north slopes of the mountain of Cer. The exact time of the foundation of monastery has not yet been discovered. The first official reference to the monastery was nor made until the Turkish time, in 1561. The present church was erected in 1887.