The river Drina

The river Drina is unique in many ways and it gives the opportunities for the development of rare and very popular forms of tourism.

The river Drina offers extra opportunities for the development og water sports and fishing tourism. In recent years, Drina's regatta has been organized. Its popularity is growing. On one part of the Drina's coast, near Banja Koviljaca, there is the adapted beach (so-called Zica's beach) which is very popular and frequently visited during the summer months. There are many competitions at water sports, as well as floating logs along the Drina river.

The mountain Gucevo

The mountain Gucevo is situaed 16 kilometres away from Loznica. Gucevo is tho lowest of all mountains in Pordinje -Valjevo region (Crni vrh 779 metres). It is densely forested and abounds in animal plant species, as well as clear water wells. Mausoleum to people killed in the First World War was set up on the mountain top Crni vrh. Observation place is arranged around the monument offering magnificent view of the river Drina, Macva and Semberija.

The combination of pristine countryside,enjoyable setting, unpolluted air and quality tourist offer, vicinity of the river Drina and Banja Kovilaca, ensure ideal condition for development of the sports-recreational, excursion and picnic tourism. The mountain remains attractive troughout the year.